Great Educational Shows on Netflix

There Are 6 Great Educational Shows on Netflix for Students

Netflix is one of the world’s top streaming services. It enjoys more than 220 million paid subscriptions worldwide. It was able to add 2.5 million in just one quarter recently. The service offers a variety of content, catering to the interests of all sorts of viewers. Among many shows, we identified some of the best educational shows that every student should watch. Here’s the list of our top 6 educational shows for students.

Emily’s Wonder Lab

Hosted by Emily Calandrelli, this show does all it takes to make STEAM fun for everyone. With lots of demonstrations and experiments, the show engages students right from the start. The show piques students’ interest in science through a variety of fun activities. 

Having Emily as a young, energetic, and fun host really helps the cause. Over and over again, she has proven so effective in reaching out to students and keeping them engaged over a long period of time.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus features Ms Frizzle and her adventures that usually keep students completely engaged. She is accompanied by a lizard called Liz. Together, they embark on various riveting adventures involving anything from space exploration to bungee jumping.

Throughout these trips, they carry out a lot of scientific research. Each trip is used to explore everything along the way. Students have always loved this magical adventure, which takes you to the most unlikely places.

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Our Planet

This is a favourite show for lovers of nature and wildlife. Starring inimitable David Attenborough, the show unravels the hidden gems of our planet, travelling from continent to continent. It also looks into the way in which climate change affects living organisms and creatures.

The groundbreaking series also explores complex issues of conservation and the impact of our actions on the environment. The show is so popular that it is often watched by entire families together.

Pick of the Litter

This is a two-year journey that follows puppies trained to become guide dogs for the blind. This is a really heartwarming story that makes you think about ways in which humans and animals can help each other. 

This is an educational show in many respects, and it is advisable for students of all ages to watch it. The entire story is also devised adeptly. The plot develops creatively, and it keeps viewers interested and engaged throughout the entire journey.

Bill Nye: Science Guy

This show aims to demonstrate the importance of scientific evidence related to climate change and other important issues and changes. With lots of videos on chemical reactions, gravity, magnetism, friction, mammals, and a host of other topics, there is so much to learn for any student. 

Many tutors use these videos to organize interactive lessons, choosing them to trigger engaging conversations about various science topics. Some of these conversations can easily be turned into games, which makes them even more interesting and amusing. After all, we humans tend to learn through games best. For many, this is the best educational show that Netflix has ever created.

100 Humans

This is another great series from Netflix. It features 100 people from all corners of the world talking about diverse topics, including sex, loneliness, age, social interactions and issues, and many more. These people have different backgrounds and interests, so each episode is completely different from the other.

There are eight episodes that last from 30 to 40 minutes each. Each is really engaging and keeps viewers involved throughout. The show keeps getting rave reviews, and it enjoys a large followership.


Netflix offers a broad range of shows that are very popular worldwide. They include a number of educational shows that are appropriate for students of different ages. We have reviewed and listed six great shows that have already proven to be extremely successful and popular. They have been making a lot of difference, and they are likely to continue engaging with a wide range of audiences across the world.


Mark Wooten is a professional education specialist and researcher. He likes sharing the findings and conclusions of his research through his regular blogs on college education. Mark is particularly interested in correlations between educational shows, books, and movies and students’ academic performance. His blogs resonate with both college students and tutors.

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