The Benefits of Rest Stops

Driving on a long, continuous highway will eventually wear you down, leave you tired, and in need of rest. Stopping on the side of a busy, traffic-packed highway is dangerous. Fortunately, rest stops are available in most states and are found on the side of any interstate.

There are over 2,000 rest stops placed on the interstates that stretch across the United States, so finding one will be easy.

Rest stops are a great place to wind down and stretch your legs after being cooped up in a car for a long period. It’s important to stretch and replenish your body, and rest stops provide just that with the many amenities they provide. There are many benefits to stopping at a rest stop for a little rest and relaxation. Some benefits of rest stops are;

Accessibility – It is easier to access a rest stop sitting on the side of an interstate than it is to turn off an exit, travel down more roads, and find a truck stop, travel plaza or gas station.

Safety – Popular opinion states there are more benefits of stopping at a rest stop rather than parking at a travel plaza or truck stop. While there aren’t as many amenities as a truck stop, but travelers find rest stops safer, more secure, and quieter.

Security – Rest stops are owned by the state and provide security on site or have law enforcement officials nearby. With state troopers or contracted security guards patrolling the area and video surveillance, you can rest assure that you’ll be safe. To maximize security during your stay, park away from the rest stop building. Parking away from the building will also increase privacy.

Relaxation and Sleep – Because rest stops are in a secluded area right off the highway, there is a peaceful ambience that embraces it. Some rest stop permit overnight parking. Be sure to check with the State Department of Transportation website to see if there are rules or restrictions for overnight parking. The website also provides information on how long visitors can park for and a map of rest stops in that given state.

Amenities – Rest stops offer plenty of amenities to accommodate fellow travelers. Some of the amenities that rest stops provide are; picnic areas, vending machines, clean drinking water, restrooms facilities, diaper changing stations, seating/lounge areas recycling centers, handicap accessibility, visitor information center, information desk, maps, traveler information for events and tourist attractions, weather information, RV dumping stations, spacious parking lot with extended parking spaces for RVs, trucks, and larger vehicles, and more.

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