How to keep kids entertained on a school Trip

On a School Trip, How Can I Keep the Students Entertained?

Meta description: As a teacher, it can be overwhelming to keep students busy and also entertained on a road trip. But there are plenty of ways to make it happen and see them happy and enjoying themselves. 

School trips are a great way for students to have fun and learn something new. But if the trip is not well planned, it can become boring or overwhelming. As an adult, it is your job to make sure that everyone involved stays excited and engaged. Here are some school trip ideas for keeping students entertained on school trips. 

Be prepared and organized. 

The key to a successful school trip starts with preparation. This includes researching the destination and mapping out activities. Also, bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances happen all the time. So, have backups ready in case plans need to change. Come prepared with all the necessary materials so that students do not get bored. Being organized means that you make all necessary arrangements in advance. That way, you can run your prepared itinerary without any glitches. This can help reduce any potential issues or problems. Planning also allows you to focus on making the most of the enrichment opportunities. 

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Create engaging activities 

Keep in mind what kind of experience you want for your students. Think about creating activities that are both educational and entertaining. These types of activities will challenge them. They can also help them stay engaged during the outing. 

Incorporate a hands-on learning component by visiting a historical site. Then have them take part in a role-playing activity to learn more. Also, create connections to the curriculum by visiting a science museum. Have them observe the exhibits. Then connect it to what they are learning in class. 

Encourage interaction 

Interaction between classmates is an important part of a student’s development. This is especially true when they are away from home on an educational trip. Encouraging conversation between peers helps them build relationships with one another. It gives them a chance to share their thoughts about their experiences. 

By encouraging interaction between classmates, students can learn how to work with others. That way, they can develop valuable social skills and gain a sense of community. This can help create a more positive and memorable experience for students on school trips. 

Utilize technology 

Using technology can be an effective way to engage students and keep them entertained on a school trip. Create interactive quizzes or games related to the trip’s itinerary or curriculum to keep students engaged and motivated to learn. Incorporate virtual reality tools too that would allow them to explore and learn in an immersive way. 

Encourage students to document their experiences on the trip and share them with others through social media platforms. Make sure to utilize educational apps that align with the curriculum to supplement students’ learning experiences on the trip. By using technology, you can help create an interactive and engaging learning environment. 

Make it fun 

Incorporating fun and humour into a school trip can be an effective way to keep students entertained and engaged. Some ways to do this include storytelling. Share interesting and engaging stories about the places you visit or the people you meet. It can add a sense of wonder and excitement to the trip. 

Plan to incorporate fun and interactive games related to the trip’s itinerary or curriculum to keep students engaged and motivated. Humorous elements through creative expressions make learning more enjoyable. Encourage students to express themselves by incorporating puns, jokes, and comical anecdotes. 

Review safety guidelines 

It is important to review safety guidelines and procedures with students that are specific to the activity or location before starting any activity on a school trip. Set clear expectations for student behaviour and conduct. This can help ensure that students understand any potential risks and know how to stay safe. 

Make sure each student understands emergency procedures and has a plan in case of unexpected events to ensure safety on a school trip. Have emergency contact information on hand. 


School trips are an excellent way for students to explore different places while learning something new along the way. However, keeping them entertained can be challenging if you are not prepared or organized ahead of time. By being prepared and organized, teachers can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience on any school trip.

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