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Advice for Solo Travelers- 14 Best Tips

Although travelling alone is one of the best experiences, it is also true that you must be more careful. So if you plan a solo trip, here are the 14 best tips for solo travel.

1. Take A Free Mobile For A Local SIM

Whether you are going to spend a lot of time in the same destination or if you are going to jump from country to country, you may be interested in taking with you an unlocked mobile phone in which you can use a local SIM card; it will be essential if you know people and want to make plans together.

2. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself.

Being alone in an unknown city causes fear in many people. Travelling alone does not have to be dangerous. Still, it is essential not to be too noticeable to attract the attention of people who seek to take advantage of your situation.

3. Travel Light

When you travel alone, you must go light because if you don’t… You’ll end up exhausted! Also, with practice, you will be surprised to see that really… We don’t need that much to live! Minimize your travel clothes. You can always pair up any jeans with a couple of plain t shirts. This way you can become a minimalist traveller.

To be more effective, make yourself a list or simply use this list to pack your suitcase.

4. Look For Shared Transport

Shared Transport
Shared Transport, by Sam Wilson, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Public transport is always cheaper, perhaps also slower, but an excellent way to meet people. Transportation is often the beginning of great friendships between travellers and a great source of helpful advice for your trip.

5. Sign Up For The “Free Walking Tours”

The “free walking tours” are those guided tours in which you only pay if you consider that the guide deserves it, they are very fashionable in all the cities of the world. Since getting paid depends on doing a good job, they are usually quite interesting and entertaining. Those groups are full of travellers to interact with and take advantage of that opportunity.

6. Bring Cash

Cash in Wallet
Cash in Wallet, by 401(K) 2012, is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Although the cards are very convenient for many travellers, never forget some cash, it can be essential to take some means of public transport or to pay in undeveloped places.

7. Locate Unsafe Areas

Knowing which are the most insecure areas of a city and avoiding them as much as possible is essential for any traveller, but if you go alone more. Another option is to accompany these areas; hostels and group tours are good alternatives to meet more travellers.

8. Find Out About The Destination

Knowing about customs, religion, clothing, and behaviour codes can help you avoid misunderstandings and fines. And if you don’t have time, at least be careful with the notices and advertisements on public transport and on the streets. Another good tip is to bring the emergency telephone numbers of the country you are visiting and the details of the embassy.

9. Develop Your Patience

Travelling alone also means putting yourself to the test. Everything depends on you, your body and your mind (sometimes it’s exhausting). For many, the worst moment is always when we arrive in a new city loaded with a million things, and we have to concentrate on getting to accommodation. Sometimes it’s hard! Take a deep breath; arm yourself with patience and little by little… Don’t despair!

10. Reading Is Your Friend But Not A Refuge

You will spend hours alone, which may be just what you want. An electronic book can do you a good favour so as not to carry too much weight; you can also share books, you will see that many hostels allow the “book-exchange”, where if you leave a book you can take another, and thus travel reading from the hostel in a hostel. Anyway… remember to look up from time to time; nothing like making eye contact with another person to start a new relationship.

11. Learn Something about the City You Visit

Do not study everything about your destination (it is also lovely to be surprised), but it is essential before you leave that you read about which the best places to stay are and which neighbourhoods you should not set foot in. This does not mean danger is everywhere, and you must not be afraid. It’s just a matter of being cautious. For this, it is always interesting to ask the locals, especially if you plan to go out at night.

12. Smile a Lot

Smiling woman
Smiling woman, by Gustavo Fring, is licensed under CC0

It may sound stereotypical, but it works and makes all the sense in the world! If you enter a place with hundreds of people, would you approach a person who seems happy and transmits good vibes or someone closed in on himself with a face of few friends? The smile is a universal language. Let there be no doubt!

13. Learn Common Words in the Local Language

What excites you when a foreigner tells you a “Good morning” or a “Thank you” with his great accent?! Well, when you travel, do the same. Also, if you don’t speak the language, but they see that you make an effort, we assure you that you will see how they try to help you much more to communicate with you.

14. Take Care Of Your Valuables

Try to be methodical when storing certain valuables. This way, you won’t get scared. Also, if you carry a lot of cash or several cards, try not to keep them all in the same place in case they are lost or stolen.

Final Words

Travel alone or not; any of these tips will be useful to make your trip a much more enriching experience. Travelling solo will allow you to immerse yourself in a new culture; believe it or not, the world is full of hospitable people.

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